All in WDW on Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog!

I was just about to post a ‘Main Street, U.S.A.’ trivia question when Mrs. All in WDW took her eyes off me for just one second.  In fact, she relaxed her guard just long enough for me to dash out of the Magic Kingdom and race towards the buses.

Hey, we’ve been in “The Most Magical Place On Earth” for the better part of two weeks, and I have been looking for a chance to scoot back to Epcot!  Or, to Hollywood … or, to see the animals!  Geez!

Anyway, as she chased after me, I approached the bus station and was confronted by quite a surprising sight …

… a huge construction wall!  Hey!  Where did that come from?  What’s it there for?

Well, folks, to find out, you’ll have to pop over to Kingdom Magic Vacations and visit their blog.  My report can be found in their able hands.  Get the scoop … what’s the latest with regard to the Disney bus service?

If you remember, about a month ago, we had the honor to meet both Rick Howard – President and Owner of Kingdom Magic Vacations and host of the Travel with Rick video podcast – as well as his associate John Donahue of WDW Parkhoppers.

Now, they have generously lent me a piece of their cyber-world in presenting my piece entitled “Please Pardon Our Bus’s Dust”.  Thanks, guys!  You are the best!

All in WDW on Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog!  That rocks!


2 thoughts on “All in WDW on Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog!

  1. It’s great to have you as part of the Kingdom Magic and TwR family. I am really looking to the Food and Wine festival with you and Mrs. All in WDW!! Great post…looking forward to many more…here and on KMV!

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