WDW “Rabbit” Trivia!

Uh, oh! Roger Rabbit isn’t done with us quite yet! So, puh-puh-puh-puhlease! Answer this question!

Roger Rabbit was featured in a series of cartoon shorts following the popularity of the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. These shorts were presented in front of various Disney/Touchstone features in an attempt to revive short subject animation as a part of the movie-going experience.

Which one of these WAS NOT one of those shorts?

Oh, by the way, did you get a chance to listen to Lou Mongello’s podcast?  Do you know “Who “Ended” Roger Rabbit?”  Well, let’s just say that, when push came to shove, Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner and …

… Steven Spielberg (then of Amblin Entertainment) didn’t quite see eye to eye.

You see, Disney owned all of the merchandising rights, and Spielberg’s contract included an extensive amount of creative control and a large percentage of the box office profits. The partners just couldn’t agree on Roger’s next steps and even battled over ownership of the rabbit.

For Roger’s sake, “his parents” needed to be on the same page … and, they weren’t.  Poor Roger.


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