‘Ohana Means Family!

Huh?  How did ‘Ohana get drawn into this conversation?  Weren’t we chewing on “Polynesian Pool Trivia”?  Yes, we were.

I have to admit … my “pool” question didn’t turn out to be as “soft” of a “ball” as I had hoped.  As I said, the Polynesian’s pool is one of the most uniquely-themed on property.  Sporting a waterfall, a thrilling 142 foot-long water-slide, and a towering volcano, it is accompanied by a pool bar called Barefoot Pool Bar.

It is the pool, itself, that is called Nanea – the Nanea Volcano Pool.  Trader Jack’s is a …

… shop in the Great Ceremonial House that features Disney-themed park-related merchandise. And, Island Hoppers … well, Island Hoppers was, pretty much, just a figment of my imagination.

So, where does ‘Ohana come in?  Voted both our Favorite Buffet/Family Style Restaurant as well as our Favorite Monorail Loop Restaurant in the last twelve months, ‘Ohana is one of the most popular “tickets” on property.


Located on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House, it serves both breakfast and dinner.  For us, however, our favorite is dinner.

There’s nothing like sitting at Tambu Lounge, while nursing a Kona Brewing Company Pipeline Porter, and waiting for our table to be ready.  Well, nothing except the “meat-fest” that follows the wait, that is!

When it comes to breakfast, however, I have a question for you.  Featuring Lilo and Stitch, along with their other friends, ‘Ohana serves us an American breakfast influenced by Polynesian flavors.  That breakfast “event” is called …

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