Grabbing a Cup of Disney’s “Joe”!

You’re either a fan of Disney coffee … or you aren’t.  For instance, Mrs. All in WDW is quite a coffee connoisseur.  I can report, emphatically, that she is NOT a fan of Walt Disney World coffee.

Oh, there are some exceptions.  For example, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s Pepper Market coffee window has shown the ability to meet her lofty expectations.  For the most part, however, in my lovely wife’s mind, Disney’s coffee scores a …

… big fat ZERO.

This all comes to mind because, earlier this week, Pam Brandon, Disney Parks Blog’s Food Writer, reported that, now, several Joffrey’s coffee blends – created just for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort – are available on line!  When I mentioned this to Mrs. All in WDW, I was met with a meek, sarcastic, and half-hearted, “Yay.”

For me, coffee is coffee.  However, the chance to grab any piece of “The World” while I’m at home is intriguing.  As such, with my curiosity piqued, I explored Joffrey’s site.

Featuring the very same coffees (and espressos) served at such gems as Artist Point, Flying Fish Cafe, and Jiko, Joffrey’s offers a wide variety of coffees and teas from around the world.  Check it out.  You might find that piece of Orlando you’ve been needing to help you start each day!

Flying Fish Coffee

How about you?  Are you a fan of Disney coffee?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

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