Hey! You’re Hot Stuff, Mickey!

Don’t you just love it when your neighborhood grocery store gets in on Disney’s action?  Well, an All in WDW “high five” goes out to Kroger.  That is, to our local Kroger, at least.  Check out this stash of treasure!


From cups to plates and waffle makers to cookie jars, you name it, they got it!  So, what couldn’t I resist?  Can you believe that I’ve never owned a coffee warmer?


Mrs. All in WDW would tell you that I’ve never poured a cup of coffee that I didn’t let go ice cold.  Well, this little gem hits the spot.  Not only does it keep my coffee warm, it keeps it steaming hot!

Hot.  Just like Mickey!  And, you know what else is “hot”?  This week’s episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!  Hey!  I’m not just saying that because I’m the guest.

Yes, fans, Doug’s partner, Dennis Conroy, was off on assignment, and I “bought out” the bar for a solo engagement with the eminent Mr. Davis.  All in WDW on WDW Main Street?  Get it right here!


Disney “Mug-o-Mania”!

All this talk about Starbucks’ new WDW “You Are Here Collection” coffee cups has fans far-and-wide wound up into a mug-related frenzy.  You’ve seen them, I’m sure.

Starbucks Mugs

Well, I was recently on a social media site whose Disney forum had spun into a string of posts that could only be described as Disney “Mug-o-Mania”!  On major steroids!

Fans from all over the world were posting pictures of their mugs.  Mugs were displayed by the pairs … and, by the DOZENS!  Uh, yes.  Dozens!  To see is to believe!

Tons of Mugs

Anyway, this put me to thinking.  What are my favorite Disney mugs?  Well, I don’t have a collection, per se, but I do have some favorites.  For example, refillable mugs come and go, but resort mugs are hard to find.

Photo Jan 26, 5 23 00 AM

Photo Jan 26, 5 23 08 AM

Coronado Springs, of course!

Mrs. All in WDW and I got these two beauties, this past Christmas, from a long-time friend of ours – a colleague of mine from work …

Photo Jan 25, 6 37 16 PM

What a friend!  Now, she knows how much we love Walt Disney World!  What a great gift!

How about you?  Do you have a Disney mug collection?  Do you have your favorite mug for enjoying your morning “cup-o-joe”?  Post a picture!  We want to see it!

Reply to All in WDW on Twitter or on Facebook.  Let’s see your mugs!


There’s Never Enough Starbucks … Is There?!

Starbucks!  Starbucks! Starbucks!  Come on, there’s never enough Starbucks, is there?!

I know a few of you aren’t sold, but I’m surrounded by family, friends, and fans who love the fact that Starbucks has “invaded” Walt Disney World.  Yes, even in my own house!

A few weeks ago, I reported that Hollywood Studios was working on constructing The Trolley Car Café – the park’s “soon-to-be-opened” Starbucks location – at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Do you remember that “Dining” Recon?  No?  Oh, please stop back and check it out!  Anyway, back then, here were the construction walls!


Great news!  Last Saturday night, I discovered that those walls are down.  Well, sort of.  Enough of them are gone to see the front of the new establishment and its signage.  See?

Let us in, Starbucks!

Let us in, Starbucks!

The Trolley Car Cafe!

The Trolley Car Cafe!  The sign’s not lit yet, but we’ll be drinking “joe” here soon, I’ll bet!

Photo Jan 03, 7 43 36 PM

Can’t wait to see the menu that will fill this box!

My apologies for the relatively poor pictures, my friends.  It was about 8:00 PM when I shot these, and lighting was not at its best.  That’s OK, though.  I’m sure the coffee will be outstanding!

Coming soon!  Another delicious caffeine fix!  Yay!


“Dining” Recon: The Trolley Car Café? A “Star-Studded” Starbucks Sighting!

Construction walls.  If you’ve been down to Orlando, you’ve seen them, I’m sure.  They’re Disney’s favorite park and resort “decorations”, these days, and they’re popping up all over the place.


In Hollywood Studios, at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, we found this unsightly obstruction.


It’s the site of The Trolley Car Café – the park’s “soon-to-be-opened” Starbucks location!

As reported by Disney Parks Blog in late August, “The new store … will be themed to a classic trolley car station along Hollywood Boulevard and offer a unique experience for coffee lovers visiting the park.”  It is set to open next February.

I can tell you one thing, Mrs. All in WDW can’t wait to make her first visit!  How about you?

Grabbing a Cup of Disney’s “Joe”!

You’re either a fan of Disney coffee … or you aren’t.  For instance, Mrs. All in WDW is quite a coffee connoisseur.  I can report, emphatically, that she is NOT a fan of Walt Disney World coffee.

Oh, there are some exceptions.  For example, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s Pepper Market coffee window has shown the ability to meet her lofty expectations.  For the most part, however, in my lovely wife’s mind, Disney’s coffee scores a …

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