The Famous Candlelight Processional!

While we’re in the “Epcot holiday” spirit, I thought we’d stick around to pick out one more “favorite”.

Oh, by the way, I left yesterday’s poll open. It has been a busy week … with turkey-feasts and Friday shopping sprees and all.  Plus, there are still 25 days until Christmas.  There’s no reason to rush ourselves to a conclusion. Besides, I wanted to give those of you who haven’t had the time yet a chance to vote!  Who is YOUR favorite Epcot Holiday storyteller?!  Vote HERE!

In the meantime, let’s address World Showcase’s centerpiece event – the famous Candlelight Processional.  Have you ever been?

Candlelight Processional

A holiday event held nightly at the America Gardens Theatre, this attraction entertains thousands with …

” … the stirring story of Christmas as told by a celebrity narrator [that is] accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra and mass choir.”

“This year, an exciting line-up of narrators—including a few all-new additions to the Candlelight Processional—are set to lend their voices to the storytelling, including:

  • Gary Sinise – November 29 to December 1
  • Neil Patrick Harris – December 2 to 3
  • Ashley Judd – NEW! – December 4 to 5
  • Whoopi Goldberg – December 6 to 7
  • Sigourney Weaver – NEW! – December 8 to 10
  • Dennis Haysbert – NEW! – December 11 to 13
  • James Denton – December 14 to 16
  • Edward James Olmos – December 17 to 19
  • Trace Adkins – December 20 to 22
  • Steven Curtis Chapman – December 23 to 25
  • Blair Underwood – December 26 to 28
  • Amy Grant – December 29 to 30

So, the question is this … if you could pick your dates – if you could pick your “artist” – which narrator would you choose to see? Vote in the poll below, and we’ll call call that performer the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Candlelight Processional Narrator!

Let me kick things off. For us, Edward James Olmos is outstanding!  We saw him at the height of Battlestar Galactica’s popularity, and it was touching to see “Admiral Adama” reflect on his thoughts and feelings at such a spiritual time of year.  We’d love to see him again!

4 thoughts on “The Famous Candlelight Processional!

  1. This will be my first Christmas time at WDW. I really don’t know how any of the speakers or storytellers are in their roles. Looking at the list of Candlelight Processional hosts, I would love to see Gary Sinise, Dennis Haysbert, or Steven Curtis Chapman. I have Whoopi Goldberg and that one worries me a little, but I will concentrate on the message more than the messenger.

  2. I auditioned for a part in this years Candlelight Processional and I can assure you that this will be the best year ever. A new tree for the cast, new risers, new stage, new narrator story. They have upped the ante on this show! I’m so excited!

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