Hello? Calling All WDW Snacks!

Hello?  Calling all snacks!  Huh?  Who are you trying to call, Bob?

Actually, this one is a “call to arms” of sorts.  As I look at our Readers’ Favorites calendar for 2014, I think about the things we accomplished in 2013.  I also recognize one really glaring omission.  Snacks.

I’m being a bit hard on myself, I think.  I have tried, but really struggled, to think of a fair way to do a Favorite WDW Snack poll.

Really, it’s just because there are SO many great snacks to grab in Walt Disney World.  Frankly, I’ve been terrified to choose a somewhat limited (16 items or so) list as the 1st Round of a poll only to leave one of your favorites out in the cold!

Mmmm.  Dole Whip!

Mmmm. Dole Whip!

Then, it occurred to me to ask you for your help!  A few days ago, I encouraged you to let me know if you have an idea for a Favorites poll.  Today, I’m going to ask you to toss me some of your favorite WDW-related snacks.

Some things are really, really obvious, right?  Mickey Bars or Pretzels.  Dole Whip.  Carrot Cake Cookie.  Butterfinger Cupcake.

Is a Turkey Leg a snack?  No, really.  Please tell me. Do you consider a Turkey Leg a snack?  How about drinks?  Should we count things like LeFou’s Brew?

See what I mean, though?  I have no idea what to put on the list!

So, here’s what I have in mind.  You can respond on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, tumblr, or right here on All in WDW.  What snack do YOU want to see nominated for the competition to become the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Snack?

Get to it, my friends!  Help me build the poll.

Oh, and don’t forget!  Is a Turkey Leg a snack?!  Should we consider LeFou’s Brew for the “title”? I really don’t know!


9 thoughts on “Hello? Calling All WDW Snacks!

  1. Le Fous brew is def on my fav list with skool bread, a macaroon sampler from France, dole whip and a caramel bar from Germany. Sadly, my gingerbread Mickeys are getting harder to find!

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