Look! It’s a “World Showcase of Flavors”!

As we strolled through Epcot earlier this month, Mrs. All in WDW and I were stunned to find a food truck staged right at the entry to World Showcase.

Photo Apr 19, 9 27 21 AM

Uh, aren’t you a bit lost, truck?  Aren’t you supposed to be in Downtown Disney?  And, why are you here anyway?  The “Food” & Garden festival is still in full throttle, after all!

Our guess?  Advertising.  What better way to “pub” World Showcase of Flavors than to have it do a bit of business right in the area of WDW that gives it a reason to exist?

Photo Apr 19, 9 28 09 AM

Well, whether that, or some other reason, we were there to sample a bit more of our “Food” & Garden favorites.  Therefore, we passed the truck by this time.  Besides, it wasn’t open at the time we wandered by.

Having said that, we did stop to take a few pictures.  What do you think of the prices?  We thought they’re a bit steep.  $18.25 for a Lobster Roll?  Is it the WHOLE lobster?

Even $9.50 is a “bundle” for Grass-Fed Beef Sliders, we thought.  Do you remember them?  Look back at my 2013 Food & Wine Flash Report.  They were dry, dry, DRY!

Photo Apr 19, 9 27 35 AM

We felt a little bit better about the prices later in the day after the truck finally opened for business.  We passed by on another lap around the lagoon, and we saw that their serving of burgers included TWO sliders.

Now, there was no way (without trying them, of course) to tell if those “patties” were “hockey pucks”, but I did notice that one guest had already taken a bite.

It looked to be cooked to a medium heat and was slightly pink in the center.  That suggested to me that Disney may be providing a bit better, moister sandwich than they did at Food & Wine.

How long will the truck will be staged in Epcot?  Hey, it could be gone already!

My final thoughts?  World Showcase of Flavors makes for another good Quick Service dining option … as long as the portion size and food quality they serve is worth their hefty prices!

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