Hey! Who Put Peppers in My Beer?!

Well, I was going to head out of Epcot today, but I saw a Tweet from Dennis Conroy (@oakmanner) of the “WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast” that put the brakes on that plan.

His words, in answering questions about his recent trip to The Smokehouse at “Food” & Garden, were, “I actually got the beer flight with two other people, and we really liked Billy’s Chilies!”

Yes, Mrs. All in WDW and I were that couple, and, yes, surprisingly, we did find that beer to be oddly refreshing and pretty good.  Of course, that wasn’t our first impression.

The flight in question included Magic Hat #9, Maduro (a darker beer from Tampa, FL), Fat Tire, and Billy’s.

Photo Apr 29, 3 35 05 PM

As we began to sample, Mrs. All in WDW asked, “Which one will I like?”  Billy’s was a lighter-colored lager-looking brew.  I thought that was her “ticket”.  I’m still paying for that little mistake.

Actually, I didn’t try to pull a “prank” on her.  I’m smarter than that.  I had never tried Billy’s.  How was I to know it had sharp teeth?

Billy’s Chilies Beer is brewed by Twisted Pine Brewing Company out of Boulder, Colorado.  Doesn’t most of the world’s good beer seem to come from Colorado?

An award-winning, year-round beverage, Billy’s is brewed with “… five different kinds of chilies [which] combine to create a mildly spicy, extremely complex, and outrageously flavorful beer.”

Five?  Yes, five.  You can find Anaheim, Fresno, Habanero, Jalapeño, and Serrano peppers in that brew!  And, wow, can you taste it!  Not in a totally offensive way, but it’s surely there.

Frankly, I’d recommend Billy’s for a hot Summer day.  It provides a refreshing taste but brings a unique flavor with its big bite.  The fact is, once you’ve tried it, it kind of grows on you.

If pepper-filled beers aren’t your speed, however, you can still make use of its flavor.  Did I mention “pranks”?  Yes?

Well, find the Budweiser lovers amongst your friends.  Offer them a taste of Billy’s.  Their surprise will be priceless.  But, hey!  Remember.  Don’t tell them I gave you the idea!

Has anyone else out there tried Billy’s Chilies Beer?

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