Another Hurricane on Crescent Lake?

Oh, OK.  No catastrophic meteorological events are headed WDW’s way.  I didn’t mean to sound that alarm.

Mrs. All in WDW and I stopped by for another visit to Hurricane Hanna’s last weekend.  That’s all this post’s title meant.

You remember, Hanna, don’t you?

Photo Oct 18, 1 33 00 PM

Great bar.

Photo Oct 18, 12 40 47 PM

Greater views.

Photo Oct 18, 12 41 03 PM

Photo Oct 18, 12 42 33 PM

Most times, when we visit, we’ll order off the bar’s menu.  Their seared tuna is a particular favorite of ours.


And, so are their pork sliders.


But, this time around, we checked out the counter service’s menu.

Photo Oct 18, 1 31 45 PM

Photo Oct 18, 1 31 37 PM

Photo Oct 18, 1 32 10 PM

We found our choice to look phenomenal and be generously loaded with shrimp, scallops, and lobster.

Photo Oct 18, 1 23 53 PM

If it were us, though, we would have preferred much more seasoning … even if it were just a more solid dose of salt and pepper.

As always, we enjoyed our visit to Crescent Lake.



Stormalong Bay is scenic and fun.  The Yacht and Beach Clubs are beautiful.  And, Hanna’s is a great place to chill with a beverage and a snack.

Try it!

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