Has WDW Transportation Been Rescued … Finally?

Disney Transportation takes its “lumps”.  Oftentimes, for very good reasons.  Well, maybe help has finally arrived!  The last few trips, we’ve seen these “guys” all over property.



Much more visible than we remember them ever being, it’s quite a relief to see them out and about.

For example, the fellow in the first of these two pictures rescued us from an hour-long wait at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Where were we going?  Uh, to the Animal Kingdom!

The line was two buses long, and the Guests were quite grumpy.  Seriously, how in “The World” could it be so hard to get a bus from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Animal Kingdom park?!  Sheesh!

Is the much-more visible presence of Transport Leaders a sign that Disney is making a focused effort to fix some of their issues?  Time will tell.  Hopefully, however, Guests will start to see less of the problems we’ve all experienced in the past.

How about you?  Do you have any WDW transportation “nightmares” to share?

3 thoughts on “Has WDW Transportation Been Rescued … Finally?

  1. It is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. It is nice to hear that someone is watching. We waited at SSR for an hour to catch a bus to EPCOT. A bus for every other park and DTD came by numerous times, but no EPCOT bus. It is definitely a dispatch issue and not a driver issue. The drivers deal with a lot of angry guests and they are just going where they’re told. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to fix, but I have never had to plan a bus route for a city so maybe it’s more difficult than I think.

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