Did You “Soar” Through Yesterday’s Trivia?

Good morning, my friends!  So.  How did you do on yesterday’s trivia?  Did you “soar” through the challenge and, once again, prove your expertise as a WDW fanatic?

First, let’s review my little poll.  Just how much do we love Epcot’s aerial tour of America’s Golden State?  Quite a bit, I’d say.

Well over half of you report that you have soared through the sky eleven (11) times or more.  Almost 30% estimate that you have experienced the ride over twenty (20) times!

On the whole, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve each heard Patrick Warburton’s pre-show a multitude of times.  No wonder the lines are so long!

Hot Air

Well, if we’ve experienced this popular attraction so many times, how well do we know it?  How well have we paid attention to the detail?

I suspected that this was going to be a tough one, my friends.  I was right.  Sorry about that.  First, we see the Golden Gate Bridge.  Then, it’s the River Rafting.  Finally, we tangle with the Hot Air Balloons!

Want to see for yourself?  Check this out … courtesy of All in WDW TV!  It’s another chance for you to take a “glide” over “The World”!

Soarin’ reaches its 10th anniversary on May 5, 2015.  Can you believe it?  10 years already!

There have been rumors of an impending refurb.  A new movie.  A third theater.  Both of these things could be true.  How great would it be to have both of them (or, at least a new movie) debut on the anniversary?

We could only wish.  Geez!  What do you think that’ll do to the lines?!

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