Dining Recon: Splitsville

A few weeks back, on an episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast, I mentioned that Downtown Disney was so torn up by construction that it scares me.

Well, that was an exaggeration, of course, and I’m glad that’s all that statement was.  Why?  Because Splitsville simply rocks!


In addition, I wouldn’t be able to bring you a tour through some of the best sushi we’ve ever eaten!  Yes, California Grill.  I said that!

But, first, let’s enjoy some of Splitsville’s decor!







And, folks.  You haven’t seen the half of it! Well, maybe you have … but, we never made it upstairs!  There’s another floor!

But, how about that sushi?

It’s phenomenal!  In spite of what my son says (sorry, buddy), Splitsville’s sushi is better than that served up by California Grill!  OK, so that just my opinion.

Look.  I’ll admit it’s based on my last experience at the Contemporary’s signature restaurant.  It was a bit of a disappointment to me.  Frankly, I don’t think Cali Grill sushi has been the same since the refurbishment and Yoshie Cabral’s retirement.


Splitsville’s Sushi Bar!

Anyway, onto Splitsville’s offerings … who would have guessed that “bowling alley sushi” would be so outstanding?  Let’s eat!  We shared a bunch!

Fantasy Roll


Fantasy Roll



Ninja Crunch

Volcano and Dragon

Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll


Dragon Roll

My personal favorite was the Volcano Roll.  In fact, I guess my favorite sushi, in particular, is a Volcano Roll.  That’s what I usually order at our favorite spot in Atlanta, as well!

The Volcano’s spicy krab mix is fantastic.  Amusingly, it looks like shredded cheese, but it’s not.  It is a very tasty component of the dish.

Folks, take my advice.  Whether it’s simply to sit, chill, have a beer, and watch football … or, to enjoy any of Splitsville’s cuisine, you have to give them a shot.

The beer comes in frosted miniature "fish bowls"!

The beer comes in frosted miniature “fish bowls”!

For us, I think it’s safe to say that Mrs. All in WDW and I have found a new “favorite” hang-out!

Visit Splitsville!

Visit Splitsville!

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