A Very Sad, Norwegian, Before and After Story …

It still makes us sad.  You all, too, I suppose, but to see it … well, it just hurts.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I guess.  The All in WDW family finally lost a couple of favorite – no, beloved – attractions in 2014.

The first one was The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We missed seeing that show one last time by one day.  One!  It wasn’t a big fan favorite at the end, but we really enjoyed that attraction.

We didn’t make the same mistake when it came to Epcot’s Maelstrom.  On closing weekend, we caught several rides through our favorite Norwegian adventure.  Yes, we even watched the film!

All the same, it’s painful to see these shots laid out on one page.  The BEFORE




And, the AFTER




Farewell, trolls and polar bears.  Goodbye, Maelstrom.  We miss you!

4 thoughts on “A Very Sad, Norwegian, Before and After Story …

  1. Those are really depressing! I’ll always miss the Maelstrom. I hope the Frozen attraction isn’t like Under the Seas with Nemo in “The Sea”. That ride is basically just a moving track with fish and a song. I know they’ll undoubtedly push Frozen songs somehow, but I at least hope there’s some substance to it. After all, it’s replacing a ride filled with Norwegian lore and adventure!

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