Dining Recon: Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Note to file … Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is not in Fantasyland!

I don’t know what possessed me to run all over Fantasyland looking for it, but the Magic Kingdom’s “waffle house” is actually in Liberty Square.  Sheesh!

Finally!  A waffle!  I finally got my Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich!


I had been looking forward to trying one of these delights for quite some time, and as I waited to be served, I found that, well, I just needed to wait a lotta bit longer.

Hey!  Where's my waffle?!

Hey! Where’s my waffle?!

No, seriously.  The line to order and pay wasn’t all that long, but getting served was another story.  I had a good fifteen to twenty minute wait to endure before I could eat my lunch that day!

Once I had my meal in hand, however, I found myself quite happy.


The chicken was crispy.  It was spicy but only mildly so.  The waffle was tasty.  A light drizzle of syrup added the dish’s sweetness.  It was a great bite and one I’d highly recommend!


Visit Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, but take it from me … don’t try to find it in Fantasyland, my friends!  Ooof.

2 thoughts on “Dining Recon: Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

  1. Ate at Nine Dragons in China. Worst meal I’ve ever had in Epcot. Only thing good was the Pork Belly Steamed Buns.

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