Resort Merch at Coronado Springs!!

OK, so you guys are going to have to indulge me here.  After all, you know how much I love Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort!

It’s about time, Disney!  Resort merchandise is back!

I bought my first Coronado Springs cap in … 1999?!  Yep.  1999.  Here it is …

Photo Jan 03, 9 30 02 PM

And, with every trip we’ve made since then, I’ve searched for an updated version.  I’ve never had any luck … ’til now!

I visited the resort’s gift shop, Panchito’s, on a whim.  Jackpot!

Photo Jan 03, 9 42 01 AM

Photo Jan 03, 9 41 52 AM

When I checked out, the Cast Member bemoaned, “But, we don’t have shirts yet!”  My response?  “Maybe they’ll come soon!”  But, in the meantime?  I have my cap!!  See?!

Photo Jan 03, 9 41 42 AM

A simple pleasure, but it absolutely made my day!  Way to go, Disney!!

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