“Food” & Garden ’15 Re-Cap – Day 2!

Sometimes a dish just doesn’t “make it”.  You know, it’s just so bad that it has to fall off the menu?

It happens at restaurants all the time, yes?  A poor seller gets the old “heave ho” in favor of something (hopefully) better?

Well, say “hello” to “something better” – France’s Parisian-style Dumplings


… and, say “good riddance” to Morocco’s dreadful Falafel Pocket.


The dumplings, like last year, were quite good.  I didn’t even mind the mushrooms!  They easily knock Morocco’s pita off my Top 15 list.

What else did we “enjoy” yesterday?  Well, “enjoying” was a bit of an issue, it seems.

For instance, The Smokehouse’s Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hash


… fell way short of matching 2013 and 14’s Smoked Beef Brisket.

2014's Smoked Beef Brisket - The Smokehouse: Barbecue and Brews (American Adventure)

2014’s Smoked Beef Brisket – The Smokehouse: Barbecue and Brews (American Adventure)

It just shows that sometimes “upgrading” a menu doesn’t work out so well.

Of course, not all was subpar as far as The Smokehouse was concerned … fortunately.


Their Smoked Debreziner Sausage delivered a nice spice.  Its accompanying kraut was quite delicious.

But, then, things turned bleak again when we re-visited Morocco for a helping of Harissa Chicken Kebab.


Our first taste came back in 2014.  It was an item good enough to finish that year in sixth place in our Top 15.  2015’s rendition didn’t “stack up” … at all.

Finally, Japan “saved the day”!  This tasty, if small, bite of Osaka Salmon Sushi was great!


Whether you’re a sushi fan or not, I’d encourage you to give this dish a try.

Stop back later today, my friends!  Yes, there’s still more food to come!

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