“Food” & Garden ’15 Re-Cap – Day 3!

The past three days have been a blast, my friends. I really hope you’ve savored our pictures and enjoyed our comments.

Like the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, the park’s Flower (er, “Food”) & Garden Festival is also a great place and time to sample some of Disney’s finest cuisine.

We hope you get a chance to visit Epcot this Spring and experience this aspect of Disney’s “magic”!

So, back to business. What did we enjoy yesterday?

Nicely spicy, the Ghost Pepper-dusted Tilapia, my friends, is phenomenal! We can’t wait to have a second helping!


“Phenomenal” is the “word of the day”, it seems, as the White Corn Arepa with Braised Beef was a winner!


Smallish serving, but this was the best flavored protein in “the show”, folks!

Another refreshing “bite” was the Seafood Ceviche.


I’m trying to talk Mrs. All in WDW into trying it herself!

Simple, but good, we have the Spicy Hot Dog!


C’mon! You know you want one!

Finally, Epcot graced us with a faux potato pancake – a Cachapas with Farmer’s Cheese. Er, a corn pancake!


Folks, eating all of this food was a blast, but bringing it to you was even better. I hope you get to experience some of this “delicious-ness” sooon!

Next?  The All in WDW “super computer”  will start “crunching” the results.  Which dishes will fall down the list?  Which items will “scream” to the top?!

Most of all, which one of the sixteen culinary “masterpieces” that we tasted this past weekend will “win” the 2015 show!  Stop back, and you’ll see!

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