Menu “Recon”: Florida Fresh

Hah!  Our menu posts have just started publishing, and I’m already fielding questions about my rating system.

Well, here’s the “scoop”!  Based on presentation, taste, and consistency, dishes will be subjectively labeled as:

  • “Stay Far Away!”
  • “Take it or Leave it.”
  • “Just OK.”
  • Worth a Try.”
  • Must Have!”

When it comes to “standing pat” with a menu, Florida Fresh wins the Epcot “Food” & Garden Festival’s “1st prize”!

Ordinarily, I’d be pretty critical of such culinary complacency, but, in this case, this kitchen’s chosen dishes are plenty good just as they are!  So, what does Florida Fresh serve?

Oh!  Click the dish’s name to see its pic!


Shrimp and Stone-ground Grits

All in WDW’s Recommendation: Must Have!”

Watermelon Salad

All in WDW’s Recommendation: “Worth a Try.”



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