Magical Kingdom “Madness”! Our 3RD Annual Tournament! Vote For Your Favorites!

Good morning, my friends!  My sincere apologies, but I desperately need to interrupt my precious “Food” & Garden coverage in order to get us back to business.  Readers’ Favorites “business”!

It’s amazing how popular a concept this has become!  Everyone seems to be running some kind of “March Madness” type of poll.  I’m so glad that I got in on the very front end of this gig!  After all, this is our third straight year of running these “tournaments”!

All in WDW’s annual Magic Kingdom “competition” brings out the crowds, folks!  The fiercest battles of the year are “fought” in this very venue!


My friends, with that in mind, it’s time to get started!  This year, I’m going to go in a little bit different of a direction in Round 1.  Here are today’s “rules” …

Below, you’ll find four groups of six attractions (each).  You can cast THREE votes in EACH group.  Yes, THREE!

Vote for your three favorites of the six presented in each group.  The Top 4 in each group will qualify for our 2nd Round – the “Sweet Sixteen”!

Remember, THREE votes in each group.  TWELVE votes in total!  Go ahead, my friends!  VOTE to your heart’s delight!

The attractions are all “Magical”, but which one will become the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Magic Kingdom Attraction?!

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