Magical Kingdom “Madness”! Day #2! The “Sensational Sixteen”! VOTE!

Wow!  What a response yesterday!  911 total votes tallied and some wildly fierce battles fought!  911!  It delivered us to our “Sensational Sixteen”!

Phenomenal job, my friends!  Thank you, very much, for your support.  You did GREAT!

Where does that take us today?  Well, first, let’s make some really quick observations …

Like, of last year’s Final Four, only two won their groups yesterday!  Should we call that a miniature “upset”?  Or, are we seeing a bit of a changing of the guard?

When it comes to attractions that could be (should be?) on Disney’s “target list” for replacement, Stitch’s Great Escape! tops the list!  It earned merely TWO of our votes yesterday.  Hmm.  The fans have, kind of, spoken, Disney!

Of course, Astro Orbiter only garnered two votes, as well, folks.  It’s a good thing that Disney already re-furbed it, eh?  Or, should they have?

Photo Jan 30, 11 08 57 AM

So, back to work!  Seeded by the number of votes each attraction received in yesterday’s polls, I present you with four groups of four, below.

What’s your job?  In Round 2, we return to All in WDW’s more traditional rules, which are:

You can cast ONE vote in each group.  ONE.  You’ll register FOUR votes in total today.  The Top 2 finishers in each group will move on to the 3rd Round – the “Exceptional Eight”!

Folks, the choices will be excruciating.  The results will be fantastic.  But, in the end, only one attraction can stand tall.  Only one can become the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Magic Kingdom Attraction!

Go ahead!  Get voting!

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