The Magic Kingdom “Madness” Continues! Day #3! The “Excellent Eight”! VOTE!

Hello, my stalwart voters!  Have I exhausted you yet?  No?  Good!  You thought that yesterday’s choices were tough?  Hah!  You haven’t seen anything yet.

With your 2nd Round efforts in the books, we now have a truly “elite” eight on our hands.  An octet worthy of Walt Disney World’s marquee park’s “crown”!

To be truthful, yesterday’s voting was, kind of, over pretty early.  These eight stand so far above the rest of Magic Kingdom’s attractions that today’s semi-final was never in question.


What’s next?  Well, you have before you, today, two groups of four attractions.  VOTE for ONE in each group please.  TWO votes in total are all that is required of you on this happy day!  Not too tiring, eh?

As like yesterday, the Top 2 in each group will move on to the final “face off” of this week’s tournament.  They will comprise our Great, Big, Magical Finale!

VOTE, fans!  Which four of these gems will battle for the title?!  VOTE!

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