Menu “Recon”: Urban Farm Eats

Hello, my friends!  As you saw, I’m sure, I took a few days off to recharge – the Magic Kingdom polls took the starch out of me too!

But, now, I’m back!  And, so is our 2015 “Food” & Garden coverage!

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Yes, Epcot’s festival has three weeks in the history books already, but that’s no reason to stop talking about their delicious cuisine!  Is it?  After all, “Food” & Garden still has another month and a half to run!

Today, my friends, we’ll start with some “new” dishes … and a team effort.  With the first half of this morning’s review, I present our friend, Dennis Conroy, from the WDW Main Street podcast!

Dennis kindly sampled the Kale Salad from Urban Farm Eats.  What did he think?

Kale Salad

“The Kale Salad was very bland.  The balsamic was not nearly as good as what was on the Watermelon Salad at Florida Fresh.  Pass on this one!”

Thanks, Dennis!  We really appreciate you sharing the picture and your thoughts!

Dennis also tried this Outdoor Kitchen’s Quinoa Vegetable “Naanwich”.  He pronounced it, “Just alright.  Nothing special.”

Well, before I dashed out of Epcot, I also sampled Urban Farm Eats’ “Naanwich”.  My experience was much more pleasant.


Where Dennis experienced a serving whose naan “was almost as hard as a cracker.”  I found the bread to be the star of the dish.  It was quite soft and warm.

On the other hand, I, too, felt that the “cheese was good.”  However, where Dennis felt that the “pesto saved the dish”, I believe the naan and the cheese were the item’s centerpiece attractions.

The lessons?  First, it just goes to show you that the consistency of Epcot’s food quality is really important.  In other words, everyone can have a “different” experience depending on the “luck of their draw”!

Second?  Every Guests’ tastes are different!  So, how do we sum up Urban Farm Eats, then?


Ghost Pepper-dusted Tilapia

All in WDW’s Recommendation: “Must Have!”

Quinoa Vegetable “Naanwich”

All in WDW’s Recommendation: “Take it or Leave it.”

Kale Salad

WDW Main Street’s Recommendation: “Take it or Leave it.”


Urban Farm

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