Dining Recon: Fish and Chips Throwdown!

Fish and Chips.  “[A] hot dish of English origin, consisting of battered fish, commonly Atlantic cod or haddock, and chips.”  Thank you, Wikipedia!

I have been planning to write this post for quite some time now.  In fact, it took Mrs. All in WDW and I two “research trips” in order to acquire the photos we needed to whet your appetites!

Fish vs. fish.  Epcot vs. Magic Kingdom.  Yorkshire County Fish Shop vs. Columbia Harbour House.  Hmm.  Where, in WDW’s parks, should you go for a phenomenal plate of Fish and Chips?

Should it be the United Kingdom counter service window cleverly attached to Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room?




Or, should you wander to the back of Mickey’s Magic Kingdom and pay a visit to its beloved and nautically-themed colonial restaurant?




Truly, my friends, we think the pictures speak for themselves.

When in Walt Disney World, whilst dreaming of perfectly battered, piping hot, incredibly flaky, crisply fried fish, you must remember the word “English”.  To be more blunt, you have to pick Yorkshire!

Oh, yes.  Columbia Harbor House is a well-themed New England colonial venue, but the facts of the matter are that Yorkshire’s product is just better.  It’s hotter, crispier, and flakier.  It’s just plain delicious.

So, if you’re aching for some Walt Disney World Fish and Chips, go to “England”.  You won’t be sorry.  Oh, and here’s a tip … do you want a nice comfortable spot to sit and enjoy your meal?

Well, head into the Rose & Crown Pub and grab a table.  They’ll let you go back out to Yorkshire, grab that delicious lunch or dinner, and enjoy those battered “treasures” with an ice cold beer!


2 thoughts on “Dining Recon: Fish and Chips Throwdown!

  1. Yorkshire fish shop definitely wins, you can get a Bass with your fish and chips! If at Disney Springs make sure to try the fish and chips at Cooke’s of Dublin (little shop next to Raglan Road). Next door is the “Hole in the Wall bar” and they have a happy hour every day! Cheers!

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