Menu “Recon”: Contempo Café

One of All in WDW’s readers recently asked me, “Bob, do you eat at every place you publish?”  Uh, the answer to that is, unequivocally, no.  I couldn’t really justify the expense … or eat that much food!

You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that sometimes I merely post a menu.  Maybe I’ll even add a couple of shots displaying an eatery’s setting, theming, and decor.  If I do just that, then we haven’t taken the time to stop and eat.

It could be that we’ve just dined elsewhere.  It could be that we’re passing by, for example, at breakfast and we’re saving room for the lunch that we plan to have a few hours hence.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t mean that the location’s food isn’t good.  It just means that we’ll have to stop back sometime in the future.  My goal is to present the restaurant to you … whether or not I add pictures of their cuisine.

Deep in the heart of Disney’s iconic Contemporary Resort …




… you’ll find their Quick Service option – Contempo Cafe!


Contempo Cafe is one of the places at which the All in WDW family has never dined, I have to admit.  It just never seemed to be the right place or the right time.  Having said that, it’s on our list for a future visit.

The best way to describe Contempo, from my perspective is ‘standard Disney fare’.  Having said that, it is a popular spot, and it sports an intriguing breakfast menu.  Have a look!


What about you?  Have you been to the Contempo Cafe?  What are its highlights?  What are your concerns?  Let us all know!

4 thoughts on “Menu “Recon”: Contempo Café

  1. My husband and I had lunch at the Contempo Cafe last week. On the last day of our most recent trip to WDW we decided to do a “resort hopping loop” of the Magic Kingdom Resorts and ended at the Contemporary resort at lunchtime. We were pleasantly surprised by this very comfortable and affordable restaurant. The lunch menu selections included burgers, salads, flatbreads and sandwich’s. When you enter the cafe you are met by a hostess who provides you with a menu and answers any questions you may have. When you have decided what you would like, you step to the cashier and pay for your meal. You are given drink cups (if ordering drinks) and are provided with a pager, find yourself a table, and wait for your meal to be brought to you. We opted to share a tuna salad pita served with our choice of fries, cole slaw or house made chips. We chose the cole slaw and were glad we did. Although you self-serve as far as drinks, condiments and utensils, servers are available to bring whatever you may need to complete your meal. Our server came by our table several times to check on us. The food was fresh and delicious and the portion size was more than adequate for the two of us. The Contempo Cafe is located next to Chef Mickey’s on the fourth level of the Contemporary Resort. We will definitely visit the Contempo Cafe again.


  2. We have eaten here on more than one occasion as BLT is our home resort. Usually, we go for breakfast. We split the breakfast sandwich and it’s enough to hold us until lunch without feeling stuffed as we head to the parks. Most of it is standard Disney fare but we haven’t had anything bad or disgusting and feel good that it is an option for us while staying here. I had the most delicious burger from Contempo but I had just ran a marathon. 😉

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