Not Your Every Day “On the Way to Work” Breakfast!

By John Peters

Hi, there!  Long time, no “see”, eh?  Anyway, I’m glad to be back!  Let me present “Dining Recon: Breakfast at The Mara”!

Hey, I recently had a Sunday morning shift over on the train at Animal Kingdom.  Trouble is … that’s when we record the WDW Main Street Podcast!  What to do?

Listen to the show at … Episode 421 – Our Sunday News!

How about recording from the Animal Kingdom Lodge, I thought!  What an awesome idea!  Anyway, instead of stopping at a fast-food joint on the way into work, I decided to eat at The Mara!

For those who don’t know, The Mara is the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s counter service restaurant.  Their bakery opens at 6:00 AM. The kitchen starts serving at 7:00.

Quoting Disney, “Named for a river flowing through Kenya and Tanzania, this savanna-like space serves African stew, pitas, half-chicken dinners and more.”

The Mara is clean, efficient, and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

For breakfast, the menu includes many traditional items … such as WDW’s infamous Bounty Platter! They also serve a Croissant Sandwich.

They also offer one of my favorite breakfasts on property – the Bobotie Platter.  This dish comes with bobotie (baked egg custard with turkey, peppers, and raisins), chakalaka, and pap.

The chakalaka is the hot stewed tomatoes in the picture above.  The pap is like white grits.  Honestly, it’s non-traditional, but the combination of these three, eaten together, is delicious!  Priced at $7.19, it’s also a good deal!

Fans, the next time your heading over to Animal Kingdom, why not swing by the Animal Kingdom Lodge and have a great, inexpensive breakfast!

Seafood Roll “Recon”? Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill “Quick Service” Menu!

Happy Monday, my friends!  Cheer up the beginning of your week by imagining one of our favorite Disney pastimes.  What is that, you ask?  Stroll – and lounge – around Crescent Lake!

Whether it be on the ever-entertaining BoardWalk or amongst the fun and friendly confines of Stormalong Bay, we could spend a whole day there!

And, the restaurants!  Wow!  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can find them by the thousands!  Well, OK.  By the dozens.  Take Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill, for instance.

Oh!  Whether here, on All in WDW, or even on the Disney Food Blog, I’ve “crowed” about them many times in the past.  Want to see?  Take a look …

My Photo Tour of Hurricane Hanna’s on Disney Food Blog

Taking Hurricane Hanna’s Home

Another Hurricane on Crescent Lake?

Anyway, on our trip to Orlando a few weeks ago, Mrs. All in WDW and I passed by Hanna’s Quick Service counter.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t open, as yet, but I snapped a shot of their menu, nonetheless.

Much to my pleasure, their “infamous” Seafood Roll survives!  I only say that because Disney has a penchant for frequently shuffling their menus around.

I’m not sure if the “recipe” remains the same as in the past, but this is what that delectable delight looked like some time back.

Called a Lobster, Shrimp, and Scallop Roll back in late 2014, this dish was delicious!  Hopefully “today’s” version is much the same.

Folks, if you’re staying at one of Disney’s nearby resorts – think Beach, Yacht, BoardWalk, Swan, and Dolphin – enjoy the views, food, and fun.

However, if your accommodations are elsewhere, take our word for it … Crescent Lake is still well worth your time.  It’s a phenomenal place to spend a day.  You should visit it soon!

A “Midnight Snack” at B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.!

Back to Disney Springs, my friends!  Last October, I wrote about one of “Downtown’s” newest food kiosks – B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.

Located ” … in The Town Center at Disney Springs, it features a selection of artisanal sausages with mouthwatering toppings.”  Those are Disney’s own words, folks!

Anyway, at the time, I didn’t have a “snack” to share with you.  Fortunately, today, I can rectify that omission!  Behold, the Foot-long Bavarian Bratwurst.

This item reminded me, very much, of the brat that Germany serves each year at Epcot’s Food & Wine festival.  The main difference being – a full size Pretzel Roll!

Adorned with Braised Red Cabbage and Sweet Brown Mustard, this “midnight delight” was pretty darn good.  In addition, take a close look.  There are two brats on that roll!

I have to admit … we stopped by a bit late in the evening.  I’d love for one of you to tell me – is this the normal portion size?  Or, did we luck out with a late-night double portion?

When it comes to the rest of the menu, as you can see, Wolf’s sports a variety of choices.  If the foot-long brat is a good example, however, I’d be willing to recommend any of their options.

B.B. Wolf’s.  If you find yourself wandering around Disney Springs in need of a quick bite, give them a shot!  You might be very glad that you did!

Menu “Recon”: ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to Wednesday!  Hey!  At least it’s better than Monday, yes?

We have a quick and easy menu “recon” on tap for today, everyone, and I’d like to thank one of our friends – Gina – for supplying a photo and comments!

The news broke several days ago.  The ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is, now, serving a new “Fast Casual” dinner menu.

“Guests can expect a more upscale dining experience for dinner – with elevated menu items and food brought to your table.”

Find the full article, here, on Disney Parks Blog!

Chimichurri Sirloin Steak, Barbecued Chicken and Ribs, Seared Lemon Pepper Salmon, and a Southwest Burger headline the options!


The “process” starts with placing your order at the register.  You’ll  receive a pager.  Take that to your table and a Cast Member will deliver your food moments later!

Sounds great, eh?  Well, I asked Gina what impressions she picked up from her visit.  Her report?  “Moms weren’t happy about the Chicken Tenders.

Other than that, I heard some negative comments on the pricing.  People liked the pager aspect of food delivery, though!”

What do you think, Disney fans?  Does this attempt to step up their game make you more likely to choose ABC Commissary as your Hollywood dinner venue?

In fact, if you would give this menu a chance, what would you choose to eat?  Let us know in the two polls below!  See ya’ next time, folks!

To see the full dinner menu on Disney’s web site, please click here.

Dining Recon: Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom

Good morning, my friends!  Happy Monday!  Wait.  Are Mondays really ever “happy”?  Well, if you’re lucky enough to be in Disney, I guess it could be!

Sadly, today, Mrs. All in WDW and I are not in Walt Disney World.  Give us a few days.  Maybe we can remedy that situation for Thanksgiving!

In the meantime, let’s visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  In particular, let’s enjoy the cuisine at Harambe Market!






Full disclosure, it wasn’t Mrs. All in WDW and I doing the eating in this case.  Our partners – Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy – took care of the dining.

For our part, Mrs. All in WDW and I had popped by a month or so back, but it was at a time when the market was not yet open.  I snapped some shots of the restaurants, but we missed out on the food.

Before I share the report Doug and Dennis passed along on a recent show, let’s take a look at the menus.  My first reaction when I saw Harambe was … Hey!  Look at all the different “restaurants”!









“All the different restaurants”?  In truth, all of Harambe’s food counters serve a very similar – if not identical – menu.  No problem with that, I guess … if the food is good.

Doug and Dennis registered their opinions and recommendations in depth on Episode #304 of our podcast.  Give it a listen!  It consumes the first segment of the show.

What did they sample?  Well, they, and some friends and family, certainly teamed up on some “research”!  First, they sampled a All-Beef Gyro Flatbread.


It was served with a green papaya slaw and black-eyed pea salad.  Also served with those sides, Harambe’s Grilled Chicken Skewer looks a bit more enticing.


Finally, and I don’t want to “spoil” the show, both Doug and Dennis experienced the market’s Beef and Pork Sausage.


Fried in curried corn batter, it sounds intriguing, yes?  Hmmm.  In the end, the “boys” were not so convinced.  Again, check out the show!  They’ll let you know how best to enjoy Harambe Market!