The 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions!

Mrs. All in WDW and I often get asked, “We’re going to Disney.  Where should we stay?  What should we do when we get there?  Where should we eat?”

How about you?  Has a family-member or friend ever wanted your expert advice?

I love answering those questions.  Don’t you?  Of course, it takes a lot of time to dole out suggestions, doesn’t it?

Want to know what we do?  We let you, our readers, weigh in with your opinions!  We let you provide the advice!

That’s right!  It’s one of the main reasons why we created the All in WDW Readers’ “Top 10′s”!

Does someone want to know what attractions to hit when they visit the Animal Kingdom?  Well, this week, you’ve already sorted through the various options for them!


In fact, if they follow this list, your family-members or friends will be right on target.  Folks, let me introduce you to your advice!

Welcome to the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions!

  1. Kilimanjaro Safaris
  2. Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
  3. Festival of the Lion King
  5. Kali River Rapids
  6. It’s Tough to be a Bug!
  7. Finding Nemo – The Musical
  8. Maharajah Jungle Trek
  9. Tree of Life
  10. Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

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