Dining Recon: Sommerfest

Good morning, my friends!  I hope all is well in your world.  Did you win yesterday’s $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot?  No?  Neither did I.  No retirement to Orlando for me … yet!

Hey!  Everyone has their own favorite “spot” in Walt Disney World, don’t they?  I mean, I haven’t been shy about admitting my affection for the Coronado Springs Resort’s Laguna Bar.

When truth is told, however, it is actually Epcot’s World Showcase that tops my list of favorite places to sit, people watch, and, most of all, relax when we’re on vacation.

Of course, for the most part, everyone also has their favorite pavilion in World Showcase.  Normally, I’m partial to both the United Kingdom and Norway, but I’m fond of Germany too.




On a recent trip, I stopped by Germany at lunchtime.  Not wanting a big meal, I visited the pavilion’s Counter Service – Sommerfest – for a quick bite to eat.



Whether it’s their savory entrees or sugary delights, there are a lot of good choices at this little counter, don’t you think?  In the name of “research”, I couldn’t resist trying two items!

First up, was a fresh-cooked Bratwurst.  Loaded with sauerkraut and accompanied by house-made “paprika chips”, it was good.


Frankly (no pun intended), however, it (especially the bun) needed something to wash it down.  More on that in a second.

Sommerfest’s Nudel Gratin, though, was phenomenal!  If you like a good baked macaroni and cheese, select this dish.  It is excellent!


Of course, I had to have a beverage as well.  Disney fans far and wide rave about Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen.  So, why not try it?

You have to understand, I am a fan of hoppy (somewhat “citrus-y”) beers.  I am not a fan of fruity beers.  This brew, however, was very refreshing and tasted quite good.  I’d have it again!


All in all, a good, and much too big for my belly, lunch.  I didn’t finish the brat.

If I had one critique, to be honest, it would be Germany’s lack of seating.  This meal, I had to eat at my favorite umbrella table in Italy.  That’s OK, though.  It is another of my favorite spots!

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