Take Your Shot at a “Grand” Floridian Trivia Question!

OK.  So, this is not so much a trivia question as it is a Grand Floridian Resort & Spa fun fact.  I still think it has a bit of a “grand” feel, however.  I mean, look at this yacht.  Isn’t it phenomenal?


You know, whether taken from afar or shot from up close, Disney’s Grand Floridian is an utterly beautiful resort.  I love the colors, to be honest.  The architecture, itself, is gorgeous.


It is, however, a resort that Mrs. All in WDW and I would class as ,”It’s a nice place to visit, but we wouldn’t want to stay there”.  Why?  Well, the price, of course.  $400, $500, $600 per night?  Nope.

Having said that, we do love stopping by.  The views are breath-taking.  The shops and restaurants are outstanding.  And, as I mentioned, some weeks back, even a quick beer at the pool bar is enjoyable.

One thing that always catches my eye are the Floridian’s boats.  In Disney’s own words, the Floridian offers “A Regatta of Choices”.  Wouldn’t you like to “pilot your own adventure” across Seven Seas Lagoon?


That’s what brings me to today’s “trivia question”.  I’m always keenly interested to see what such adventures might cost.  Especially, when I’m visiting the “grandest” of WDW’s resorts.

So, take a look back at that “deluxe” yacht in the picture at the top of this post.  That craft is the “star” of the Sea Ray ‘Grand 1’ Yacht Excursion.

What is the starting [yes, I said starting] price for a one hour pleasure cruise on that boat?  See ya’ tomorrow with the correct answer … and much, much more!

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