Monday Menu Mania! [Poll]

Good morning, folks!  Let’s jump into a little bit of Disney Dining, shall we?  Where, oh where, should we eat today?  Hmm.  Let’s let the boys over at the WDW Main Street Podcast give us a “jump start”!

That’s right!  Join John and Doug as they pull up a couple of stools at the Main Street Pub and discuss John’s upcoming trip to Walt Disney World!  Both Doug and I have trips on the near horizon, as well, by the way.

Episode 432 – John’s Menu Mania!

Anyway, they cover the menus from the three restaurants at which John has reservations this time around – The Hollywood Brown Derby, Cítricos, and Yachtsman Steakhouse!  What a delectable trio!

So, join them for appetizers, devour some entrees, and dine on desserts.  It’s a super-delicious episode, folks, so grab a knife and fork, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Afterwards, please let us know … at which of these three would you prefer to dine and why?  Use the poll below and leave us comments on Facebook or Twitter with your opinions!

Take a Tour of the Grand Floridian Resort’s Gingerbread House … with ResortTV1!

C’mon, folks.  Who doesn’t love gingerbread?  Oh, OK.  I guess that particular delight isn’t everyone’s favorite, but, hey!  Who doesn’t love holiday decorations?

The Grand Floridian Resort is famous for “decorating” their lobby with a massive tribute to gingerbread houses far and wide.  Ever seen it?  No? Want to see it?

Then, by all means, please join Josh of ResortTV1 as he takes us all on a “tour” of Disney’s marquee gingerbread-laded “decoration”.  Just click the picture below, folks, and enjoy the show!

WDW Main Street – Episode #328 – Our Weekly News … a.k.a “Ranting about Express Transportation”!

Join Doug, John, and I as we recap Walt Disney World’s weekly news.  Amongst other things, we chat about …

VIP tours, DisneyQuest, Blizzard Beach, Cosmic Ray’s Cafe, Starring Rolls, Brown Derby, Trattoria al Forno, Captain’s Grille, colorful new trams, Paddlefish, and, most of all, “Food” & Garden!

Find the Butterfinger Cupcake at The Trolley Car Café, folks!

Find the Butterfinger Cupcake at The Trolley Car Café, folks!

In addition, you’ve spoken up and told us how you feel about WDW’s Express Transportation Option … as well as the potential “demise” of the Grand Floridian Resort.  Want to know how we react to the results?  To find out, listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #328 – Our Weekly News … a.k.a “Ranting about Express Transportation”!

The Impending Demise of the Grand Floridian Resort?

A few days back, WDW News Today posted a rumor touting the claim that Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts Bob Chapek is not a big fan of the Grand Floridian Resort.

A "Grand" sight!

How much longer will this be a “Grand” sight?

In fact, the rumor suggests that WDW’s flagship could be gutted in order to become a modern luxury resort on a par with the Four Seasons Resort Orlando.

For the full article, please visit WDW News Today at this link!

Our question for you, today, is this … do you agree with Mr. Chapek?  Should the Grand Floridian be replaced?  Re-themed?  Removed?

On a recent episode of our podcast, Dennis Conroy suggested those very things.  For that “take”, and much more, listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #311 – An “Untouchable” Marathon – The WDW Resorts!

In the meantime, what say you?  Are you cheering for the impending demise of the Grand Floridian?  Would you like to see something new and different?  Let us know in the poll, below!