Snack Recon: Crêpes des Chefs de France

My friends, if you ever find yourself walking through World Showcase in search of a sweet little snack, take my advice.  Visit Crêpes des Chefs de France!



Located on the “shore” of World Showcase Lagoon, you’ll find this quaint little spot across from the France pavilion (of course!).


Chocolate, strawberry, sugar, or ice cream.  You name it … they’ve got it all!  And, I’m betting that everything is outstanding!


Can you believe that up until a few weeks ago, I had never sampled their cuisine?  Well, I finally gave them a chance.

I chose their Sugar Crêpe.  At $4.22, it was a bargain.  Warm and delicious, it wasn’t too filling and tasted great!


Like I said, if you’re in Epcot and craving a sweet little snack, let this crêperie answer the call!  Those chefs know what they are doing!

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