What an Epcot “Adventure”! VOTE in Round #3!

Well, I know that at least one Disney fan out there will be really happy with the “Exceptional Eight” we created yesterday.  Who?  The WDW Main Street Podcast’s host – Doug Davis.

Poor, Doug.  The last two runnings of our Epcot tournament have caused him great anguish.  In fact, the lack of support (in his eyes) that we have given to The American Adventure prompted quite a few spirited monologues.

File Feb 06, 3 39 53 AM

Last year, for instance, Adventure finished at #13.  A travesty, in Doug’s mind, he should feel quite happy now.  In 2016, his beloved tribute to American history is assured of a spot in our Top 8!

Below, I present TWO groups.  Like yesterday, you can vote for ONE attraction in each group.  The Top 2 finishers in each group will move on to our BIG finale!

Which of these will become the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Epcot Attraction?  You decide!  Just VOTE!


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