“Food” & Garden ’16 Flash Report! – Pulled Pig Slider

In 2015, this former two-time festival “champ” fell to 5th place in my Final Top 15.

As I said, then, “The bun was overly dry.  In comparison to past years, the portion of pork was much smaller.

The pork tasted overdone and dry, and the addition of BBQ sauce was the only thing that helped the dish become palatable.”

I’d honestly have to say that the same, pretty much, held true this year.  Smokehouse, at this point, this once-phenomenal dish might be in need of an overhaul.

Oh, it can be called a good value, based on the portion size given, but if the quality of the bun and meat is in any way poor, then value becomes moot.


Smothered in Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce.


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