It’s a Jungle Out There! Welcome to Magic Kingdom Mania ’16! VOTE For Your Favorites!

Welcome, my friends!  Welcome to the opening day of Magic Kingdom Mania 2016!

This is our fourth straight year, folks.  It is our fourth shot at choosing which of the Kingdom’s attractions and entertainment options are our absolute favorites.  It is a “competition” that is often hotly contested and always a wild ride!

And, to pump up the “wildness”, this year, I present both the “easiest” and toughest 1st Round in All in WDW history.  How so?

When we tackled Epcot last month, while having to make a difficult decision between two beloved favorites, one reader bemoaned, “Couldn’t you have let us choose more than one?”

Well, in Round 1 of this competition, you get to choose THREE!  That’s right.  Round 1 will span TWO days, by the way, I’ll tell you that right now.  So, remember to come back tomorrow for more!

Each day, I’ll present you with FOUR groups of SIX options each.  You select your favorite THREE out of each group of SIX!  Easy, eh?

Jungle Sign

So, where does the “tough” part come in?  Well, even with three selections, your choices will still be difficult.  Hey!  We have a lot of great attractions to choose from among!

Further, this 1st Round will be our most unforgiving ever!  Why?  Only the Top 2 finishers in each of our eight groups will move on to Round 2 of the “tournament”!  They will be our Sensational Sixteen!

But, think about it.  I’m presenting you with eight groups of six, in total.  48 attractions or entertainment options will compete in Round 1.  If only 16 move on, then we’re eliminating 32 options right from the start!  Wow!  Now, that’s unforgiving.

OK, my friends, so, below, I present the first four of our 1st Round groups.  You get to vote for THREE options in each group for a total of TWELVE selections today.  The Top 2 in each group move on!  Enjoy … and get VOTING!  And, come back tomorrow for more!

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