What’s “Living” in The Land?!

Good morning, my friends!  How are you!  Sorry for the longer-than-usual absence.

If you missed it on my personal Facebook account, Mrs. All in WDW and I were up in Ohio celebrating with our son and his fiancee.

Why?  Well, he learned on Friday that he’ll be doing his Emergency Medicine residency at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee!

While a milestone for the family!  It, of course, had to take priority over Disney!  Anyway, today, we get back to business!

A simple query for you … with so few activities “living” in The Land, at present, what’s most likely to bring you to visit that formerly jam-packed pavilion?

Would it be Sunshine Seasons for lunch or dinner?  Take note, a cooked breakfast is not available as long as Soarin’ is being revitalized.


Do you long to experience the pavilion’s only active attraction, Living with the Land …

The Land

… or, its partner, but paid, experience – Behind the Seeds?


Finally, would only a character meal at Garden Grill prompt you to prioritize a visit?


Let us know, my friends!  Just respond to the survey poll below!

Not much to do in The Land, these days, folks, but I have to admit, plenty of people still drop by to see “what’s up”!

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