Snack “Attack”! Captain Cook’s Pulled Pork Nachos!

Let’s see a show of hands … who, here, loves nachos?  Hmm.  Yep!  I thought so!  I see you out there!  Let me ask you this … who here loves Captain Cook’s Pulled Pork Nachos?


Found deep in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, imagine a heaping plate of crispy potato chips and tasty fried wontons buried under pulled pork.

Also drowned in onions, cheese, spicy mayo, tomatoes, and pineapple salsa, these aren’t your regular, everyday “nachos”!  Quite delicious!  We highly recommend them!

Hey!  Now that I think of it, let’s forget all the “show of hands” business.  Before you “leave” me for the day, answer us these questions …

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