All in WDW’s Readers Recommend … BBQ Pork!

So, our son and his wife will very soon move to Nashville, Tennessee.  You see, he earned a residency position in Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University!

Anyway, that’s not the point I wanted to highlight.  It’s this … the last time they visited the Music City, he commented, “You have to love Nashville.  Everywhere smells like BBQ!”

Looking at this week’s dining polls, the All in WDW “universe” would very likely wholeheartedly appreciate Nashville!

Take a look back at both Whispering Canyon and Captain Cook’s, if you “voted” your opinions several days back.  If not, please jump back and weigh in now!

Of course, Captain Cook’s Pulled Pork Nachos aren’t necessarily BBQ, but they’re close enough, I’d say.


Those that have tried them?  100% of the respondents, thus far (myself included), would definitely recommend them to friends and family alike!

Plus, 89% of those who have visited this quick service, rate it a 4 or 5 on a scale from 1 to 5.  High marks, Captain!  Congratulations!

Whispering Canyon earns a similar level of your love.  82% of those that answered rank their experience there as a 4 or 5.  In other words, they had a great time!


And, what did they enjoy most?  You guessed it … pork!  86% of you declared your affection for Canyon’s Slow-smoked Pork Ribs and Barbecued Pulled Pork!

In the end, I think it’s safe to say, my friends that “All in WDW’s Readers Recommend” Whispering Canyon Cafe in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge as well as Captain Cook’s in the Polynesian Village Resort.

Take our advice!  Add both locations to your future “menus”!

Snack “Attack”! Captain Cook’s Pulled Pork Nachos!

Let’s see a show of hands … who, here, loves nachos?  Hmm.  Yep!  I thought so!  I see you out there!  Let me ask you this … who here loves Captain Cook’s Pulled Pork Nachos?


Found deep in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, imagine a heaping plate of crispy potato chips and tasty fried wontons buried under pulled pork.

Also drowned in onions, cheese, spicy mayo, tomatoes, and pineapple salsa, these aren’t your regular, everyday “nachos”!  Quite delicious!  We highly recommend them!

Hey!  Now that I think of it, let’s forget all the “show of hands” business.  Before you “leave” me for the day, answer us these questions …

Dining Recon: Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

Sometimes a post comes around that just deserves a veritable ton of pictures.  This is one of them.  So, hang on.  I got a lot to show ya!

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is a destination in and of itself!  Why?  Well, imagine the “pun-filled” grandeur of Jungle Cruise … on steroids … with special effects … in a bar … with refreshments!

The Grog Grotto is located on the lower floor of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort … next to Captain Cook’s quick service restaurant.  Sam opens the joint at 4:00 PM.


We recommend you arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes early, however.  There’s likely to be a line, due to the bar’s popularity, and the fact that the venue only fits 51 guests.


Of course, make very sure to follow the “house rules” while you enjoy the staff’s hospitality.  Remember, don’t harass the hippos!

You’ll discover that Sam has appropriately themed his pub’s decor.  Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t the best – it’s quite dark, actually – but these few shots will give you the right idea.




The Grotto offers a full menu of unique beverages.  Things like the rum-laden, umbrella-dressed, Dark & Tropical Stormy.




Or, the popular and tasty Shrunken Zombie Head!  Three types of rum in this one folks!  And, you can opt to keep the “glass”!



You can try a Krakatoa Punch.  More rum, of course!



In our opinion, all of the drinks were good but none of them were really all that strong.  They were very enjoyable.

Then, there’s the food.  Yes, Trader Sam does offer a limited menu.  Take a look!


Hmm.  What did we sample?  Uh, yes.  How could I pass on a Headhunter Sushi Roll?  Wait a minute!  Pink rice?  Hey, Sam!  What’s making the rice “pink”?


Finally, there’s the show.  Did I mention the puns?  Oh, yes, I did.  Well, imagine the beautiful view outside the bar’s “window” transforming right before your eyes.  From serene …


… to violent.  Take cover, my friends!  It’s an eruption!


Finally, you can find Sam everywhere it seems.  Can’t get a seat in the Grotto itself?  Then, don’t worry.  You can visit the trader outside the resort at Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace!



Hey!  He even has his own shirt!  You can buy it at the Polynesian’s merchandise shop – BouTiki.  That head-collecting scoundrel is everywhere!


Folks, whether it’s the drinks, the food, or the “show”, you’re sure to have a great time if you visit Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto!  Or should I say you’ll have a volcano “blast”?

Dining Recon: Captain Cook’s

More of a “picture recon”, I’d say.  But, that’s what we all like best, eh?  Pictures?  Of decor …











Of course, we all crave pictures of FOOD!  Am I right?  Like … Tonga Toast!  You want the recipe? Here it is!



How about a yummy cupcake?  Mmm.  Straight out of a “Cupcake ATM”, maybe?  C’mon, you all know you want that ATM!

What am I talking about?  Look back at my post from a few days ago.


And, how about lunch?  Pulled Pork Nachos topped with Onions, Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Tomatoes, and Pineapple Salsa, maybe?

Photo Dec 30, 12 42 11 PM (1)

Photo Dec 30, 12 44 38 PM

Do you want something a bit more filling?  Try a Big Kahuna Sandwich!  I did.

Photo Dec 30, 12 42 11 PM

Photo Dec 30, 12 44 55 PM

Photo Dec 30, 12 45 08 PM

Filled with Turkey, Ham, Salami, Roast Beef, Swiss, Lettuce, and Tomato on Focaccia with Red Pepper Spread, it is absolutely delicious!

There you have it!  Less words … more pics! More food! Bon appetit, my friends!