Magic Kingdom Quick Services? What’re YOUR Favorites?! VOTE!

Thanks for your overwhelming reaction to this past Sunday’s Skipper Canteen post, my friends!  Regardless of this new Table Service’s unique menu, a lot of you have really enjoyed dining in “the jungle”!

Anyway, while we’re still in the kingdom, let’s talk “quickly” about Counter Services.  When it comes to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, what are your favorites?


Woah!  Don’t answer just yet.  Do it through our “infamous” polls!  Although, we do love hearing your comments via Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to share your opinions!

Folks, welcome to the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Magic Kingdom Quick Service “competition”!  Cast your VOTES and crown a “champion”!

I present you with FOUR groups, below.  Your job today is to VOTE for your THREE favorite restaurants in each group.  In other words, you can cast as many as TWELVE votes in total today!

Upon the conclusion of today’s voting, the Top 3 restaurants in each group will advance to Round 2 of the “tournament”.  So, what do you think, everyone?  What are your favorites?

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