Have YOU Passed the Test? Experience the Test Track “Test”!

I recently read an article that claimed,”Automotive engineering is one of the most exciting professions you can choose”!  Hmm.

That may well be so, but, in my case, Chevrolet would beg to differ.  In fact, they suggested I keep my day job!  Bummer.

Why so harsh?  Well, my latest design?  It was under-whelming to say the least.  Oh its ‘Responsiveness’ was great.  Everything else?  Not so much.


For those of you who haven’t had a chance to demonstrate your own engineering creativity, Test Track in Epcot’s Future World allows you to design your own vehicle.

Once complete, the “ride”, itself, will measure your automobile on four attributes: Power, Responsiveness, Efficiency, and Capability.


My car?  It looks great!  Well, sure, that’s my opinion, but, in reality, I think it really “pops” on a commercial!  Yes, my friends, you can also “make” your own commercial!

This video doesn’t exist


Have a great day, folks!  I’m going back for another try!  Uh, actually, no, I’m not.  Time to try another vocation, eh, Chevy?  Yeah, right.

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