Dining Recon: Grand Floridian Cafe

On a recent trip to The World, Mrs. All in WDW asked me where we could stop for a nice, relaxing breakfast.  What she really meant was … ‘Where can we visit that we’ve never been to before?’

Well, I suggested the Grand Floridian Cafe.  She was, initially, unconvinced.  Pleasantly, after a little bit of coaxing, she bought into the “adventure”.  It’s a good thing too because we enjoyed a great light breakfast!






They make a great Bloody Mary, but we loved their Grand Blend Press Pot Coffee!  For our meal, we both ordered a Ham and Cheese Omelet with fresh fruit.  Delicious!



What a great, clean, elegant, relaxing spot for breakfast, folks!  We recommend that you give the Grand Floridian Resort’s cafe a shot.  We did, and we’ll be back!

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