Dining Recon: Breakfast at The Wave … of American Flavors!

Lately, Mrs. All in WDW and I have become really big fans of Disney breakfasts.  Yeah, if you’ve been following my most-recent posts, you know that already.  Take a look …

Grand Floridian Cafe

Pepper Market

Captain’s Grille

What brought that on, however?  Well, we’ve discovered that if we head off to a resort for a mid to late morning ADR, we can pretty much cut lunch entirely out of our schedule!

Think about it.  Breakfast at 10 to 11 AM.  Dinner at 4 to 5 PM.  Less calories.  Less money!  Perfect!

Anyway, in the breakfast-seeking spirit, we visited the Contemporary Resort’s The Wave … of American Flavors on our last trip.

It was a really good thing we stopped in, too, because I was able to acquire the answer to the question I posed in yesterday’s post.  What cheese fits best in a shrimp omelet?

The answer?  Well, we will see that in a minute.  First?  Let’s start our day with a Bay Lake Bloody Mary!


And, Organic Colombian Press Pot Coffee!


Both delicious!  But, what’s on the menu, eh?  Hmm.  A Breakfast Buffet!  Citrus-scented Brioche French Toast.  Very enticing choices!


I have to admit … I was sorely tempted to try the Wave Signature Sweet Potato Pancakes.  Have any of you?  How are they?  I’d love to know!

When it came down to it, the Florida Rock Shrimp Omelet had to be my choice.  After all, you saw my recipe.  It was a wreck!  I clearly needed a lesson from the “pros”!


So, what cheese fits best in a shrimp omelet?  The Wave’s “design” includes avocado and pepper jack cheese!  That’s it!  Pepper jack!

Before you spout skepticism, my friends, let me tell you this.  The omelet was phenomenal!  Absolutely fantastic!

Accompanied by a lovely and well-loaded Fresh Fruit Plate, that Mrs. All in WDW and I shared, this was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had on property!

The Wave … of American Flavors, folks.  We highly recommend it be one of your choices for breakfast!  Sure, you can choose their buffet, but their shrimp omelet is a definite winner!  Yum!


Bob’s Designer Omelet! Another Breakfast at Captain’s Grille? You Bet!

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to … Monday.  Blech!  Wait!  Back to “our” happy place, Bob.  Back to Disney!  OK.  That’s a much better “mindset” with which to kick off a week!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Mrs. All in WDW and I are creatures of habit.  When we like a place, we go back time and again … and, as you’re about to see, again and again!

How so?  Well, welcome back to the Yacht Club’s Captain’s Grille!





For breakfast, home of the Rock Shrimp Omelet!  Actually, the Captain is much better known for their buffet, but that omelet is pretty good too!


You see, on a recent visit to WDW (made more than a month or so ago), I enjoyed this creation.

Loaded with shrimp and chive cream, it was quite delicious.  Normally served with roasted potatoes, I asked for fruit as a cool, refreshing substitute.  The bitterness of the arugula salad was a nice complement.

If I had one critique, however, in comparison to Mrs. All in WDW’s Tailored Omelet (pictured below), the Rock Shrimp Omelet is kind of small.  Other than that, it’s definitely worth a try!


So.  I did say that we go back to places “again and again”, now, didn’t I?

Well, Mrs. All in WDW and I definitely are creatures of habit.  On our most-recent trip to The World (made over the 4th of July holiday), we paid the Captain yet another visit!

This time, though, I got clever.  Or, so I thought!  This time, I ordered a Tailored Omelet, but I made it my version of a shrimp omelet!


I would say that the results were mixed.  The omelet was certainly loaded with shrimp.  Of that, there was no doubt.  I included tomato, onion, and green pepper.  All good, eh?  Not really.

Folks, my recipe went sideways with the cheese.  When the server asked me what cheese I wanted to add to my “masterpiece”, I froze.  For some reason, I settled on mozzarella.

I’m telling you now that mozzarella was not the right choice.  What was?  Stop back tomorrow.  In “Dining Recon: Breakfast at The Wave … of American Flavors”, I learned that secret myself!

Photo Gallery: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort!

Good morning, my friends!  Welcome to the middle of the week!  Already?  Yes, it’s “Hump Day”, everyone!  Friday is right around the corner.  Yay!

Mrs. All in WDW and I stopped by our favorite resort yesterday.  Yes, some “quality time” was spent at Pepper Market.  Their Southwestern Omelet is delicious!


We reached our daily 10,000 ‘steps’ with 4.0+ miles worth of laps around Lago Dorado.  What a beautiful walking trail!


Finally, later on, we “refreshed” at our beloved Laguna Bar.  Hey!  It has been 100 degrees down here this week!  Well, it has been darn close to 100!


Anyway, regardless of the heat, the highlight of our visit was the weather.  It might have been a warm morning and afternoon, but the skies were beautiful.  Look at the clouds!




Coronado is simply a gorgeous resort, folks.  A Deluxe feel at a Moderate price, it really can’t be beat.  Try it!  We have three more stays planned for this year alone, and we can’t wait!

Dining Recon: Grand Floridian Cafe

On a recent trip to The World, Mrs. All in WDW asked me where we could stop for a nice, relaxing breakfast.  What she really meant was … ‘Where can we visit that we’ve never been to before?’

Well, I suggested the Grand Floridian Cafe.  She was, initially, unconvinced.  Pleasantly, after a little bit of coaxing, she bought into the “adventure”.  It’s a good thing too because we enjoyed a great light breakfast!






They make a great Bloody Mary, but we loved their Grand Blend Press Pot Coffee!  For our meal, we both ordered a Ham and Cheese Omelet with fresh fruit.  Delicious!



What a great, clean, elegant, relaxing spot for breakfast, folks!  We recommend that you give the Grand Floridian Resort’s cafe a shot.  We did, and we’ll be back!