Parasailing Away! It’s Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

Recently, Mrs. All in WDW and I have become quite enamored with Disney’s Contemporary Resort … and its sister – Bay Lake Tower!



Beautiful, aren’t they?  My friends, whether it’s for breakfast at The Wave or beverages at Outer Rim, we really enjoy our visits.


The Wave serves a delicious Florida Rock Shrimp Omelet!  I highly recommend it!

For us, though, our favorite thing is that both of the resorts offer a great setting in which to enjoy our daily walks.  Just follow the scenic Running Trail!



Who wouldn’t want to see one of these glide by as they get some exercise?  Breathtaking, huh?

And, how about Bay Lake, itself?  Well, from boating to parasailing, whether you’re inclined to participate in adventurous activities or simply watch from afar, recreation abounds.

Sammy Duvall will set you up!  Of course, it’ll cost you!  Bring your credit card!






Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  A great place to stay!  A gorgeous place to visit!

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