Menu “Recon”: AristoCrêpes at Disney Springs

Good morning, my friends!  Let me ask you a question … have you ever enjoyed a crêpe from Epcot’s Crêpes des Chefs de France?

Yes?  We’ve only stopped once, I’m afraid.  Their Sugar Crêpe was warm and delicious.  It wasn’t too filling and tasted great!  Take a look back here for the full picture review!

Why do I bring up this pavilion’s crêpes?  Well, it’s because France is no longer the only “game” in town.  Thanks to the on-going transformation at Disney Springs, we, now, have AristoCrêpes!


Loaded with a “… a swoon-worthy selection of sweet and savory crepes.”, Disney wants you to “[s]urprise your taste buds with … [d]elicious picks [that] range from s’mores and key lime cheesecake to beef with horseradish cream and turkey with brie”.


So.  You know you’re going to visit AristoCrêpes sooner or later.  I know that we will.  When you saunter up to their counter, what will you order?  Let us know … in the poll below!  Bon appetit, folks!

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