A Shocking Result? Revenge of the Yeti!

Wow!  Our furry, terrifying, Himalayan friend left no doubt, did he (she)?  A resounding, uncontested victory launches Yeti back atop Animal Kingdom’s mountain (pun intended)!

Let’s review a little history, shall we?

  • 2013
    Expedition Everest
    Kilimanjaro Safaris (-1)
  • 2014
    Expedition Everest
    Kilimanjaro Safaris (-4)
  • 2015
    Expedition Everest
    Kilimanjaro Safaris (-9)
  • 2016
    Kilimanjaro Safaris
    Expedition Everest (-4)
  • 2017
    Expedition Everest
    Kilimanjaro Safaris (-58)

Look at that!  Prior to this weekend’s tournament, it was almost impossible to separate these two iconic attractions!

All I can say is that, after carrying the “crown” for three straight years (2013-2015), Yeti avenged its 4 vote loss in 2016 in epic fashion.  What dominance!  The “champ” is back!

Why do I call it a bit of a shock, however?  Take a look back at this competition’s first two rounds.

Round 1
Round 2

I know that match-ups mean a lot, but Safaris won far more fan support than Everest in both rounds!  I thought that yesterday’s finale would be just as close as ever!

I mentioned it in my Round 1 post, but I’ll be really excited to see this poll unfold next year.  Pandora has to be a game-changer.

Having said that, will AVATAR break Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris’ stranglehold on this park’s championship?  I can’t wait to find out.

In the meantime, we have a “king”.  Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain?  You are, once again, the WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction!


Welcome to Our Animal-rific Finale! Which Attraction Will Rule the Kingdom? VOTE!

We’re going to kick today off without a lot of fanfare, folks.  After all, it is Monday, you know.  Time to get back to “real” life.  Booooo.

Before we do that, though, we have one more Disney “obligation”.  We have one last VOTE to cast.  Well, actually, we have THREE!


My friends, below, I present you with our Grand Finale!  When it comes to WDW’s so-called “fourth park”, these attractions are 2017’s “Sensational Six”!

Our job, today, is to VOTE for our favorite THREE.  That’s right!  I said “three”!

This should be an exciting race, fans, and, by the time the day unfolds, one of these experiences will become the 2017 WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction!

Which one will rule this Disney “kingdom”?  Let’s find out!  VOTE!

WDW Main Street – Episode #326 – Our Weekly News!

Join the whole gang at the Main Street pub as we discuss this week’s Walt Disney World news.  It’s a jam-packed show, folks!

How does Doug feel about our on-going Animal Kingdom “favorite attractions” poll?  Did he deliver a pointed lecture to all of us? #rantingmeansratings

The Falcons take on the Patriots in next Sunday’s Super Bowl.  What dignity-defying bet do Dennis and I make on the game’s outcome?

Finally, we cover the menus for Planet Hollywood Observatory and Paddlefish in great detail.  Which restaurant catches our interest the most?

Listen to it all at …

WDW Main Street – Episode #326 – Our Weekly News!


It’s Round 2, Folks! The Terrific Twelve! VOTE for YOUR Favorite Animal Kingdom Attractions!

Great day of voting yesterday, my friends.  Thanks very much for your support!  Were there any surprises for you in the results?  Disappointments?

I can tell you that one of my friends is probably singing a bit of the blues.  If you caught us on …

WDW Main Street – Episode #325 – Seeding the Animal Kingdom Attractions Poll!

… you’d know that Doug Davis will be pretty sad about his Wildlife Express Train missing today’s semi-final party.

We’ll be recording the next episode of the show this morning.  You know what I always tell Doug when he gets going – #rantingmeansratings!


What’s up for today?  Below, I present you with TWO groups of SIX.  Like yesterday, you can VOTE for THREE attractions in each group.  Cast SIX votes, in total, today!

The Top 3 in each group will make it into tomorrow’s action-packed finale.  Which attraction will win?  I can’t wait to find out!  VOTE!

Where’s Pandora? VOTE For YOUR Favorite Animal Kingdom Attractions!

Welcome, folks!  Welcome to the 5th annual Fans’ Favorite WDW Attractions “tournament series”!  That’s right.  I said, “5th”!

Wow!  Five years!  You know, I feel compelled to start off today’s post with the obvious question … where’s Pandora?  Well, it’s only a few months away.  That’s where!

It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?  This time next year, Na’vi River Journey and AVATAR Flight of Passage will turn Animal Kingdom’s favorite attraction “competition” inside-out!

Welcome to AK!

So.  What are we doing today?  It’s Round 1, my friends.  It’s time to VOTE!

Below, I present you with four groups.  Each includes six attractions.  Your job is to VOTE for as many as THREE attractions in each group.  In other words, you can cast as many as TWELVE votes today!

The Top 3 finishers in each group will move forward into the 2nd Round!

Which attraction will become the 2017 WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction?  Let’s find out!  VOTE!