It’s Round 2, Folks! The Terrific Twelve! VOTE for YOUR Favorite Animal Kingdom Attractions!

Great day of voting yesterday, my friends.  Thanks very much for your support!  Were there any surprises for you in the results?  Disappointments?

I can tell you that one of my friends is probably singing a bit of the blues.  If you caught us on …

WDW Main Street – Episode #325 – Seeding the Animal Kingdom Attractions Poll!

… you’d know that Doug Davis will be pretty sad about his Wildlife Express Train missing today’s semi-final party.

We’ll be recording the next episode of the show this morning.  You know what I always tell Doug when he gets going – #rantingmeansratings!


What’s up for today?  Below, I present you with TWO groups of SIX.  Like yesterday, you can VOTE for THREE attractions in each group.  Cast SIX votes, in total, today!

The Top 3 in each group will make it into tomorrow’s action-packed finale.  Which attraction will win?  I can’t wait to find out!  VOTE!

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