Menu “Recon”: Sanaa Kuamsha Breakfast!

Quoting Disney themselves, “Kuamsha means ‘awakening’ in Swahili, and what better way to ‘awaken’ than with a delicious breakfast at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge?


A new casual quick service dining experience is available from 7 to 10 AM, where guests can get made-to-order breakfast while taking in a view of the sweeping savannah.”


Personally, I can’t think of many things better than dining – at any time of the day – with zebras and giraffes strolling by “my” window!

For Disney Parks Blog’s full article about this new culinary experience, please read …

Sanaa Kuamsha Breakfast Now Available at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

As you might expect from a restaurant renowned for African cooking with Indian flavors, Sanaa’s Kuamsha breakfast isn’t comprised of everyday Disney fare.


How so?  Well, starting with the popular Boere Breakfast, you’ll see ingredients like Tomato Chutney on the menu.  It’s the very same condiment served the restaurant’s Indian bread service, folks!

You’ll also find components like Boerewors Sausage, Coconut Johnny Cakes, Tanzanian Hash Browns, Chai Whipped Cream, Quinoa, Bobotie Pie, and Kenyan Press-pot Coffee!

Oh, never fear.  There’s standard fare available, as well.  See?  There’s those beloved Mickey Waffles!

For me, I’d have to be adventurous.  My eyes are locked on that Boere Breakfast.  It includes a little bit of everything!  Add some Press-pot Coffee, and I’d be great!

What about you?  Does Sanaa’s Kuamsha Breakfast intrigue you?  Let us know in the poll below!  Then, afterwards, check out the giraffe!

A graceful beast!

What a graceful beast!

One thought on “Menu “Recon”: Sanaa Kuamsha Breakfast!

  1. Is this still be offered at Sanaa?? I hope so! I won’t mind Kidani if we have breakfast options!

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