Oh, That “Terrible Tower”! It’s a Four-Time “Champ”!

What a Hollywood “Icon”!  What a Favorite Attraction!  Folks?  The “champ” is back!  The ‘terrible tower’ has toppled the ‘toys’!  Poor Woody.  Poor Buzz.

Actually, my friends, Toy Story Mania! just barely (by one mere vote!) grabbed the tower’s “crown” in 2016.  In All in WDW history, it was Tower’s only loss … ever!

Here, in 2017, Andy’s toy box let the “title” go … in epic fashion!  What was the “score”?  Well, let’s put it this way, if Toy Story Mania! had earned 59 more votes, it still would have lost!  Wow!

The 2014 All in WDW Readers' Favorite WDW Attraction? The Tower of Terror! Also, a proud compnent of MY fantasy park!

The 2017 WDW Fans’ Favorite WDW Attraction!  The Tower of Terror!

The "terrible" Tower reigns supreme!

Once again, the “terrible” tower reigns supreme!

So, this undeniably dominant result prompts me to make this bold claim – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is worthy of being Hollywood’s park icon.  As a four-time park “champion”?  You bet, it is!

Do you agree?  Yes?  No?  Tell us in the poll below.  To be honest, however, I’m going to imagine that particular debate will swirl around the park until Star Wars (or, Toy Story) truly takes over.

Until then? You can’t take this away from the Twilight Zone … Tower of Terror?  You are the 2017 WDW Fans’ Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction!

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