The “Animals” Arrive! VOTE Your Favorite Attractions, Folks! It’s Round #1!

They’re here!  The “animals” have arrived.  We’ve got perennial favorites!  Plus, a couple of “alien” upstarts make their debut!  In the end, which will reign supreme?  Only you know!

Yes, my friends, today, we kick off the 2018 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction “tournament”.  Twenty-four attractions.  There can be only one victor!

Is Whirl a potential “champion”?

Will Spin reign supreme?

First-round voting is very simple, folks.  Below, I present you with four groups.  Each group includes six attractions.  What’s your job?

Well, you can VOTE for as many as three attractions in each group!  That’s right, everyone.  In total, you can choose as many as twelve favorites today!

By day’s end, the Top 3 vote-getters in each group will move forward into tomorrow’s semi-final round!  Let’s get VOTING!  Who will be your “terrific twelve”?

2 thoughts on “The “Animals” Arrive! VOTE Your Favorite Attractions, Folks! It’s Round #1!

  1. i Generally enjoy Doug’s antics on your podcast but he really got obnoxious with his dislike of Expedition Everest! He should make his point and move on. Also I listen to your podcast with earbuds and I would appreciate it if Doug would keep his volume level even.

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