Try Your Mind at … Slinky Dog Trivia!

Howdy, folks.  Is your brain at its best today?  Is your mind sharp as a tack?  Let’s put it to the test … in honor of the newest “gem” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Are you mad for Toy Story Land’s Slinky Dog Dash?  Do you know everything there is to know about that beloved and springy dog?  Let’s see!

Very early in the production history of the Slinky toy, Slinky Dog was added as a product.  In what year was it added?


Slinky Dog wasn’t “born” alone.  At the same time, the _______________ was introduced.


Slinky Dog was a product originally sold by _______________.


How do you think you did, my friends?  Not sure?  Well, stop back later this week … the answers will be revealed in a few days!