Menu “Recon”: The Sand Bar!

Tucked safely away on the “beaches” of Bay Lake and basking in the sunshine of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, you’ll find The Sand Bar!



From a 1/3 lb. Angus Bacon Cheeseburger to a Turkey BLT Wrap, you can have a veritable poolside feast!  Look at all of the choices!


You want something “light” and fun?  How about Hummus and Vegetables or House-made Chips?  Hey!  Are you looking for Mickey?


The The Sand Bar offers a Mickey Pretzel, a Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar, a Mickey’s Ice Cream Sandwich, or even a Mickey’s Crisped Rice Treat!  What a stocked menu!


My friends, whether you’re enjoying the Contemporary’s pool, or passing through the resort on a visit, The Sand Bar is a great stop for a quick meal or a delicious snack!

And, do I need to mention the views?  From Bay Lake to gorgeous architecture to Walt Disney World’s famous monorail … what a beautiful place!

Running(?) All Over Walt Disney World!

Wow!  Between Disney Springs and Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, I certainly have been running us all over Walt Disney World the last few weeks!  I need a rest!

Actually, let’s stop to breathe for a few minutes and review this week’s poll results, OK?  On Monday, we tackled pizza.  Yum.  Are you as big of a pizza fan as me?

Well, we visited the BoardWalk Pizza Window.  About 56% of you have tasted their cuisine, and the vast majority rank it as a 3 or 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.  That’s above average, at least!

When pressed, you’d prefer to sample either their Pepperoni or Signature pizza!  It was too close to call, really.  The poll is still open, my friends.  Click back to this link to register your opinions!

Yesterday, we bounced over to Disney Springs to enjoy Walt Disney World’s newest creperie – AristoCrêpes!  After perusing a menu that provides both savory and sweet options, we made our selections!

Talk about split decisions!  On the savory side, the results were, more or less, dead even!  I hear good things about their Beef Crepe.  The voters slightly preferred the Turkey Crepe.

For our sweet tooth, the results were spread across the board, as well.  Everything but strawberry seems to catch your fancy.  This poll is still open, too, folks.  Access it here!

As much as you see me cover the best of Disney’s food and drink, Mrs. All in WDW and I also focus a good portion of our visits on exercise.

Daily walks about property are our preferred physical activity, and, whether it be through the parks or around the resorts, options for enjoyable, relaxing, scenic strolls are plentiful.

I have begun to compile my own favorite “courses” through property, and I thought I’d share the detail.  Behold, the beginning of my collection of “maps”!  Not exhaustive, but quite useful.  Enjoy … and get walking!

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake

Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Resort

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Grand Floridian)

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Grand Floridian)

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Polynesian)

Grand Floridian and Polynesian (as displayed by Polynesian)

Old Key West

Old Key West

Coronado Springs

Coronado Springs

It’s a “Contemporary” Situation!

Sometime back, I mentioned that Mrs. All in WDW and I have become quite enamored with the Contemporary Resort’s Outer Rim lounge.

We really enjoy spending bits of time sitting, relaxing, and taking in the Contemporary’s exciting ambiance.  You know, the monorail cruising through the resort, for example?

Oh, it doesn’t end there.  Have you seen the breathtaking views of Bay Lake?  My friends, it’s even fun to witness the crowds of people standing in line for their ADRs at Chef Mickey’s!

Of course, the Outer Rim isn’t perfect.

What is its one failing – even by the staff’s own admission?  It doesn’t currently offer a food menu!  However … that might be a ‘temporary’ situation!  We’ll see!

In the meantime, never fear.  “Snacks” are near!  In fact, if you want anything at all to eat, all you have to do is visit the Contempo Cafe.  It’s right across the “street”!


And, that, folks, brings me to today’s “delicacy”.  Witness the Cafe’s Smoked Pulled Pork Flatbread!


Barbecue sauce, Monterey jack cheese, house-smoked pulled pork … all topped with a vegetable coleslaw?  $11.49 and perfect for sharing!

My friends, have you taken a trip to the … Outer Rim?  It’s a great place to warp in for a visit.  The bartenders are friendly and fantastic.  The food?  Well, it’s fabulous too!

Packed with Peanut Butter? Oh, Yeah!!

Good Saturday, my friends!  Welcome to the weekend!  And, welcome back to All in WDW!

My Food & Wine coverage might be, more or less, done for 2016, but you know me.  Food coverage never ends!  Found deep in the heart of Disney’s Contemporary Resort …


… you’ll find the Contempo Cafe.  It’s a great Counter Service spot, folks!  Great scenery too!  How so?  Well, just stick around a few minutes and watch that monorail “sail” by as you’re eating your meal.


Recently, Mrs. All in WDW and I stumbled upon a fabulous dessert.  Vanilla tart shell with vanilla cream?  Peanut butter cream cheese filling?  Chocolate ganache?  Let’s do it!



It … was … phenomenal!  We shared it, of course, but we highly recommend this delicious creation.  Peanut Butter Pie?  Great job, Contempo!

Parasailing Away! It’s Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

Recently, Mrs. All in WDW and I have become quite enamored with Disney’s Contemporary Resort … and its sister – Bay Lake Tower!



Beautiful, aren’t they?  My friends, whether it’s for breakfast at The Wave or beverages at Outer Rim, we really enjoy our visits.


The Wave serves a delicious Florida Rock Shrimp Omelet!  I highly recommend it!

For us, though, our favorite thing is that both of the resorts offer a great setting in which to enjoy our daily walks.  Just follow the scenic Running Trail!



Who wouldn’t want to see one of these glide by as they get some exercise?  Breathtaking, huh?

And, how about Bay Lake, itself?  Well, from boating to parasailing, whether you’re inclined to participate in adventurous activities or simply watch from afar, recreation abounds.

Sammy Duvall will set you up!  Of course, it’ll cost you!  Bring your credit card!






Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  A great place to stay!  A gorgeous place to visit!